Hey, this is Rambou.

Who am I? What i Do?

Currently i’m an undergraduate student at the department of Information and Communication Systems of Aegean University. Department’s location is at Samos, so my life pretty much sucks! No i’m just kidding :D Probably there are some issues but there are lots of perks too!

This blog is about my life, technology and some daily research about projects that involve security, fullstack development, Designing of information systems. I’m no going to write here on a daily basis so don’t expect that.

Yeah but why?

Well having my own blog was something that i wanted a long time ago. I’ve tried in past but with no success. It was either time or the available frameworks out there that didn’t like so much. When i found Hexo framework was a love at first sight. I’ve spend some time try to set it up and run it on a docker container but anyway!